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Morning Star Farms, situated seven and a half miles north of Greensburg, Kansas on Highway 183, is a multi-family partnership established by Roger and Leslie Stotts, who continue to play active roles in our operations. Our success is a testament to the combination of family values, the dedication of our talented employees, and our reliance on The Lord's guidance and blessings.

Strategically located within the Great Bend Prairie Aquifer, we utilize irrigated center pivots to cultivate a diverse array of crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, and alfalfa.

In addition to marketing our own high-quality alfalfa and forage products, we engage in the buying and selling of alfalfa across much of the Middle United States.

In addition to farming, we operate a cow-calf operation and provide land management services for absentee landowners, along with consulting services for those seeking additional perspectives.

We are continuously seeking outstanding individuals to join our team. If you're interested in employment opportunities at Morning Star Farms, please explore our Careers tab.

For comprehensive information on any of these areas, please visit the corresponding tab for more details.

Thank you,

The Morning Star Farms Management Team

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