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Welcome to Morning Star Farms

We are located 7.5 miles north of Greensburg, Kansas on Highway 183. Morning Star Farms is family owned and operated by the Roger and Leslie Stotts' family. The success of Morning Star Farms is attributed to the combination of family effort and values, our many key and talented employees and associates, and the reliance on the Lord's guidance and blessings. 

We are blessed with an abundant underground aquifer and are primarily a center pivot irrigated farm. We specialize in producing irrigated corn and alfalfa, and also produce irrigated soybeans, as well as irrigated and dry land milo and wheat.

Morning Star Farms not only markets quality alfalfa and hay products that we produce, but we also buy and sell alfalfa and hay products over much of the middle United States. 

Cattle-herd, stocker operation, feed lots etc. 

SMS provides land management services for absentee landowners and land consulting services for anyone who desires an additional viewpoint. 

Please go to one of our pages to find out more about any area you are interested in. If you are seeking an agricultural career with Morning Star Farms, send us your contact information by clicking the Contact link at the top of the page. 


Thank you, 

Roger and Leslie Stotts 

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