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Morning Star Farms provides a diverse range of alfalfa and forage options. As a leading producer of hay in south-central Kansas, we also collaborate with producers across the United States to market hay and premium forage products.

Our high-quality irrigated alfalfa yields an average of five cuttings per year and is carefully stored in sheds, with some being tarped. We meticulously manage inventory and conduct tests on all alfalfa to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to alfalfa, Morning Star Farms produces various non-alfalfa forage options, including wheat straw, corn stalks, soybean stalks, sorghum sudan grass, and Flint Hills grass hay.

For equine and feed yard needs, we offer 3-tie alfalfa and Flint Hills Grass.


If you require straw for your construction job site, we have you covered!

Furthermore, we provide chopped hay delivery straight to your operation.

Transportation arrangements can also be easily arranged.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Kevin Melvin 620-546-3507


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